May 8, 2016

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Remember SKIVS Men, with great power comes great responsibility; but, be prepared to unleash your inner Power Ranger. Knowing how to throw a punch the proper way can save your life and prevent unnecessary injury. Most people just don’t know how to defend themselves if ever faced with a tough physical situation. So here’s what to do if things have gone too far, but for sure, this is a last resort.

Be prepared to unleash your inner power ranger

Body Position is Paramount

  • Keep your knuckles parallel with the ceiling when prepping your stance. The left hand should only be about six inches in front of the left shoulder. The right hand will be positioned about three inches away from the right ear. Keep the right elbow tucked close to the ribs.
  • Your feet should be as close to shoulder length apart for better balance and stability. Your weight should be focused on to the balls of your feet. Bend your knees slightly to keep the hips positioned downward, which adds more power behind your punch. The right hip should be angled slightly back and the left should be positioned towards your intended target. When you throw your punch, do not make the common mistake of fully rotating your hips; this causes you to lose a lot of power.
  • You want your core to work with you and you may be quick to tighten up these muscles. Do your best to take a second to relax the core muscles.

Proper Technique to Throw a Punch

Now that you know where the rest of your body should be positioned, you want to make sure you are using the proper technique.

There are really only three simple steps to follow:

  1. Your right foot will serve as the pivot point. Before you begin turning into the punch make sure you have your weight supported by the balls of your feet.
  2. Your legs will actually be your power supply. Your right hip and right shoulder will turn towards your intended target.
  3. Remember your knuckles are pointed up, parallel with the ceiling. As you throw the punch your right hand will turn over to face and hopefully connect with your intended target.
Your legs will actually be your power supply.

A key point to remember is that it does not take a massive amount of power or muscle to throw an effective punch that can knock your opponent out. As long as you remain relaxed and hold your balance through all the steps you can make contact using very little additional force.

Speed and timing beat power and aggression every time.

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